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Who we are

About us

CreditQuest is an international credit rating agency, founded by experienced professionals with vast experience in the business industry.

Using our extensive network we provide high quality, trustworthy commercial information, in order to reduce the risk of your business co-operations.

CreditQuest reports help you to make quick and accurate decisions, giving you the opportunity and advantage to trade safe.

Credit Report is a single set of information that can help you analyze systematically the activity, stability and profitability of a business.

It is the complete icon of a business, despite the legal status and location of the company.

CreditQuest provides solutions for the purpose of the evaluation of a company’s worthiness to receive credit.

Comprehensive and detailed credit reports are prepared and provided to you either directly from our online data base or by ordering it, offering you various delivery speeds*(1. Standard, 2. Urgent and 3. Express) according to your needs.

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