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Media Centre

How would a Grexit affect Cyprus

  • Tuesday, 13 January 2015 09:43
The likelihood of left-wing Syriza coming first in the snap Greek elections due on January 25 has again raised the prospect of “Grexit” – Greece’s exit from the eurozone.
Heavy selling by disgruntled shareholders saw Bank of Cyprus shed a quarter of its value on the first day it returned to the Cyprus and Athens stock exchanges on Tuesday.
Fragmentation of the financial markets in the euro area declined in the third quarter  to the lowest level since the respective quarter of 2010 after it “significantly diminished over the past two years,” as banking conditions…

BoC shares back on the board next month

  • Friday, 14 November 2014 08:58
THE Bank of Cyprus (BoC) said on Thursday it was preparing to return to the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) and the Athens Exchange (ATHEX) next month.
The world's biggest banks should hold a buffer of bonds in case of a collapse so that government bailouts are avoided, a global regulatory body proposed on Monday.