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Products & Services

Business Information

  • Simple Credit Reports +



    Credit reports, are prepared in order to help your business function profitably and effectively.They are designed in order to assist you to avoid bad business transactions by identifying possible

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  • Advanced Credit Reports +


    This kind of credit reports include all the Simple Credit Reports information plus:

    • Historical registry information
    • Directorships
    • Financial analysis
    • Industry performance


    Please note that the above information is not

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  • Simple Registry Information Reports +

    This kind of report includes:

    - Current registered address
    - Current nominal & issued share capital
    - Current company shareholders
    - Current company directors
    - Current company secretary
    - Name of the lawyer / law firm

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  • Advanced Registry Information Report +

    This report contains all the company’s latest information ( see Simple Registry Information Reports ), as well as, history of directors, secretary, shareholders, capital and previous charges

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  • Due Diligence +

    Due diligence report involves extensive investigation and examination of a business records.

    Using specialized tools we provide verification for the requested data, in addition to any other findings relating

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  • KYC +

    “Know Your Customer” report has increasingly become a concern and necessary tool of corporate management and corporations due to the fact that it lets you understand who your customer/candidate

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  • Official Certificates +

    Official certificates are company documents, which are obtained from the official companies’ registry. These documents validate the business’ existence.

    Types of registry official certificates:

    - Certificate of Incorporation
    - Certificate of

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  • Bankruptcy Check +

    We check whether a company is bankrupted or if a creditor requested the subject’s dissolution.

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  • Monitoring Alert +

    We screen your customers and by sending you a simple email, we provide you with possible bad behavior, concerning transactions and court cases or any changes regarding the companies’

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  • Media Check +

    Using this service, you can find all available articles and news that are related with the company in question.

    The media are retrieved from public sources, newspapers, magazines and

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